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Different views, for every purpose.
Finding tasks can be tricky — and a one fits all solution doesn’t work for everyone.
That’s why ClickUp has three different ways of viewing tasks. Whether you’re a developer, manager, or anyone getting things done — there’s a perfect view for you.
Statuses, optional.
Simple checklists are good but when you need more, create your own custom statuses.
We'll do it for you, instantly.
Seamlessly connect and upgrade your workflow.
Assign Comments
Assign Comments
Things get lost in comments, and many times comments require an action. That’s why we created Assigned Comments — create action items instantly and assign to others or yourself.
Multitask Toolbar
Multitask Toolbar
When you need to make changes to multiple tasks at the same time, why waste time changing each task individually?

Easily select multiple tasks and make as many changes as you want. Instantly.
Stay highly organized with ClickUp's proprietary tree structure. We get it — groups are easier to manage than an endless list of tasks.
Threaded Comments
Threaded Comments
Keep the clutter out of here. Reply directly to comments in ClickUp.
Super Rich Editing
Super Rich Editing
We'll never limit you to basic text or complex markdown (although these are options). If you've been looking for a beautifully rich formatting interface, you'll love ClickUp.
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Completely Customizable
ClickUp is designed for small teams and large teams; simple workflows and complex workflows. Build ClickUp for you.
Use one platform for everything
Why use several products to manage productivity? ClickUp was founded on this core philosophy of bringing everything together.
37 Awesome Apps
Whatever you need, ClickUp has. Simply click to enable apps you need and keep the clutter out.
Highest-rated Platform
ClickUp is the highest-rated and fastest growing project management app in the world.

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